Ostomy Accessories: Choosing the Right Accessories for your Ostomy Routine

Selecting the right ostomy accessories for your lifestyle and stoma type is important to ensure your stoma is happy and healthy.

Ostomy accessories are used to enhance wear time, prevent leakage, reduce odor, and make pouch emptying easier. Typical accessories include paste, barrier rings, lubricating deodorant, adhesive removers, and skin prep wipes, but not all of them may be necessary for your stoma care.

With an array of accessories available, it can be confusing which ostomy accessory is right for you. Follow along as we walk you through the range of ostomy accessories Vitus Ostomy Care offers and how they can benefit your ostomy care.

Barrier Paste

Barrier Paste acts as a caulk to protect your exposed skin from your output. You can use barrier paste to fill in minor creases or gullies to help create an even pouching surface, helping to improve adhesion and preventing leakage.

Barrier Paste is NOT an adhesive, and too much paste may interfere with a good seal. Most ostomates find a pea-size amount to be sufficient, however if you need to use barrier paste around the entirety of your stoma, a barrier seal may be a better fit.

Vitus Ostomy Care Barrier Paste is pectin-based and available in an easy-to-squeeze tube. Also available in an alcohol free, no sting formulation.

Barrier Rings

Barrier Rings serve a similar purpose to barrier paste and protect your peristomal skin by swelling up around the stoma when it come into contact with output.

Barrier rings are extremely versatile and can be molded to fit around your stoma, giving you a custom fit to prevent output from leaking. Don’t be afraid to tear, stretch, or even cut them in half to improve the fit of your pouching system.

Vitus Ostomy Care Skin Barrier Rings are highly absorbent and available in different sizes and thicknesses.

Crescent Barrier Extensions

Crescent Barrier Extensions, or flange extenders, are adhesive strips designed to prevent the edges from lifting away and help keep your pouching system secure and increase wear time.

Crescent Barrier Extensions are a favorite among many ostomates, especially those with hernias, and can be used all around the pouch to provide extra security, conforming to uneven body curves. However, if your pouch is only staying secure with the help of a barrier extension, you may want to look into a different pouch.

Vitus Ostomy Care Crescent Barrier Extensions are highly absorbent and can be used under or over your pouch, and are available in a convenient 30 pack of 1” extensions.

Ostomy Lubricating Deodorant - Bottle, Spray, Packets

Lubricating Deodorant

Lubricating Deodorant lubricates the inside of your ostomy pouch to ease pouch emptying and help prevent pancaking, but also helps to control odor during emptying.

Lubricating Deodorant is meant to be used every time you empty your pouch. Add about one teaspoon into your pouch, and rub to thoroughly coat the inside of your pouch. You can adjust the amount of lubricating deodorant you use over time based on what works best for you, sometimes less is more!

Vitus Ostomy Care Lubricating Deodorant is available in three formats, including dropper bottle, spray can, and travel-ready single-use packets.

Adhesive Remover Wipes

Adhesive Remover Wipes gently cleans and removes adhesives from the skin and can help make the removal of your pouching system quick, easy, and gentle. Many ostomates say that adhesive remover is an essential part of their ostomy care.

The skin around your stoma can easily become irritated and sore due to the frequent removal of your appliance. By using adhesive remover wipes, it protects the skin from irritation caused by the skin pulling during appliance removal.

Protective Barrier Wipes

Protective Barrier Wipes help prepare the skin around your stoma for the adhesion of your pouching system and protect against skin irritation.

Individuals who are sensitive to adhesives or have peristomal skin that is easily irritated or damaged can benefit from using protective barrier wipes to create a protective layer that can help you achieve a secure, leak-proof system.

Improve Your Ostomy Routine with Vitus Ostomy Care Accessories

If you struggle with daily leakage and skin irritation, you may not be using the best products for your stoma. Adding an assortment of ostomy accessories to your ostomy routine can improve comfort and enhance your quality of life.

Disclaimer: The recommendations and information above should not be considered a substitute for personal medical advice or diagnosis. Before making any changes, consult your health care professional.

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